Branded LIVE Shopping solution with real-time analytics dashboard

A LIVE shopping experience your viewers love.

An e-Commerce video streaming solution, Livescale brings 10x more engagement to your community, while seamless in-video checkout makes the selling experience frictionless.

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Customizable LIVE Shopping experience with moderation panel and KPIs

Brand benefits

  • Direct e-Commerce integration

    A Live Shopping solution with instant checkout and product feed sync, connect seamlessly to top e-Commerce platforms and payment solutions.

  • Data ownership

    A Live Shopping experience with real-time KPIs plus full ownership of generated data.

  • 10x more engagement

    An immersive Livestream video experience that transforms an audience into a community. Enjoy interactive content, gamification features and more.

  • Expert Live Shopping support

    Membership includes access to specialized monthly webinars, 1:1 strategy session and live chat support.

Live shopping end user experience with chat and emoticon

Customer perks

  • Exclusive and personal content

    Build a personal relationship with your favourite brand and talents.

  • Mobile-first experience

    Live shopping designed for your phone, yet compatible on all devices.

  • Live video checkout

    Live Shopping with integrated e-Commerce, buy what you see without leaving the video.

  • Engagement + rewards

    Get to know a brand through gamified content, candid Q&A’s, and exclusive deals.

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I'm on Shopify
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