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When sustainability meets Live Shopping: The Science of “Limited Drops”

Ana Luisa Live Shopping Show on Livescale

Ana Luisa believes luxury can be enjoyed without excess. The sustainably-crafted jewelry brand became carbon neutral in 2020 and continuously sets the standard for effective manufacturing. As storytelling to this end is essential, selling new collections through Livescale allows the brand to guarantee a 100% on-brand shopping experience, while benefitting from a direct path to customer correspondence.

Being a modern brand, Influencer marketing is central to Ana Luisa’s DNA, having been a core part of its growth strategy since inception. Partnering with the right key opinion leader has always been successful across the business, and the brand chose to extend this strategy to their Live Shopping experiences, as well.

Following the Live Shopping trend in Asia and identifying it as the next big thing in e-commerce, Ana Luisa onboarded with Livescale with plans to keep their customers in the know surrounding the vital behind-the-scenes manufacturing, styling and storytelling processes.

With a less-is-just-enough philosophy, Ana Luisa’s collections are released in limited-run small batches each Friday to ensure highest production standards and eliminate excess waste. Not only did this business model suit Live Shopping perfectly, it also gave the brand the opportunity to deepen its relationship with its community.

“Livescale has made live shopping such a seamless extension of our social and influencer marketing strategies.”

“Livescale has made live shopping such a seamless extension of our social and influencer marketing strategies. Their integration with our Shopify product catalog has helped us focus less on the technical details and instead be able to hone in on how we can make this a meaningful experience for our host’s audience, the new and existing customers alike.” -- Bella Teerlink, Ana Luisa Social Media Specialist (and control room host during the Live Shopping Events)

“The Livescale team’s pro tips were invaluable to us, driving over 25K likes in mere minutes and tapping into all the possibilities of live shopping experiences […] We always appreciate the way the Livescale team takes the time to guide and educate us about the platform and best practices as we continue to strive to improve our events.”

TIP FROM ANA LUISA: We saw that when we nearly tripled the duration of our live shopping event, our host and community were able to create a much more meaningful experience with plenty of time for shopping. Additionally, working with influencers that have a long-standing relationship with the brand also made the event feel much more authentic and genuine, tying the partnership together through small anecdotes.

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