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COVID-19: The Montreal based startup Livescale offers its live video streaming technology for free

MONTREAL, CANADA Starting today, the Montreal based startup Livescale, is making its live video streaming technology for social media available for free, to all companies impacted by COVID-19.  

The government measures recently announced across the globe are changing the way a lot of industries will operate. Big companies like Google, Microsoft and Zoom have already offered free features as part of their existing video conferences solutions, to allow and simplify remote working policies that more and more companies are adopting in these difficult times, including Shopify in Canada.  

If today Livescale has a LIVE Shopping solution for brands, influencers and retailers, the startup originally started with a live video streaming technology for social media, mostly used by companies in the education, entertainment, music, sport and political sectors.  « By reoffering our live video streaming technology for free in this difficult time, we want to show that each company, from the start up to the big corporation, can and has to contribute to making this situation more productive for all, in order to limit the impacts COVID-19 will have on our economy » precise Virgile Ollivier, President of Livescale.  

All companies interested in using the technology can register on the Livescale web site,  

« By offering again and for free our live video streaming technology in this difficult time, we want to show that each company, from the start up to the big corporation, can and has to contribute to making this situation more productive for all, in order to limit the impacts COVID-19 will have on our economy » 

– Virgile Ollivier, President of Livescale 

About Livescale
Montreal-based startup, Livescale offers a LIVE Shopping solution allowing brands to promote their products and services through enriched live video. This solution allows brands, retailers and influencers to interact with their audience in a unique and authentic way.

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