The easiest, yet most comprehensive way to manage live video distribution

Optimized video quality for any outlet

Thanks to the Livescale live transcoding engine, you can send any type of live stream (H264, HEVC), from any streaming software, contribution encoder or connected device supporting popular RTMP protocol or the new SRT protocol.
The Livescale transcoding engine is broadcast-grade, and supports quality up to 4K 60fps (in and out).

Unlike most transcoding platforms, you don't need to provide endless parameters in Livescale; the platform automatically creates the necessary video streams based on your required destinations, including adaptive streaming for web/mobile.


Maximized audience with social media

You can now maximize your audience reach with concurrent distribution on multiple social media.
You just have to connect your account(s) - page, channel, group, profile, ... - to your Livescale library (no limit on destinations), and then add your Facebook Live, Youtube, Twitch or Periscope destinations for your live event.

The Livescale's control room gives you full control on all social destinations (which we call "socialcasts"), with complete editorial & publishing handled in one place, making significant time savings on your live operations.


Engage your OTT audience (Web/Mobile)

Livescale provides you with a reliable HTML5 player, allowing you to provide your live event to any website, mobile app or OTT device.
Without any third-party branding or ads, it can be easily embedded and shared within your company, partners or media, supporting most recent browsers.

Thanks to Livescale Omnicast Cloud Platform, the Web Player offers low-latency streaming, with adaptive bitrate (video quality is adjusted in realtime on end-user bandwidth and screen capacity), and supports 4K resolution as well as 360°VR live video, both with touchpoint and cardboard mode.


Measure your Audience with Realtime analytics

When making a live event, feedback is crucial to your business. With Realtime Analytics, Livescale provides you with a clear view on your audience engagement, on any outlet.
You can measure the performance of your global content in real-time, per distribution network, and per outlet. These key performance indicators allows you to modify your editorial strategy in realtime, as well as focus your social strategy on performing outlet.

When your event is finished, you get a detailed analytics report that you can share with all your event stakeholders.


The future is here... presenting LiveVR 360°

Livescale is the first end-to-end Cloud platform to provide plug-and-play LiveVR 360°.
With the same simplicity as regular 2D video, you can deliver high-quality VR live streaming to Broadcast, OTT and social media like Periscope/Twitter, Youtube or Facebook*.

As VR requires the best video experience, we provide adaptive encoding for each type of VR streaming (monoscopic, stereoscopic, 4K, 60fps, ...) to ensure the best experience with your VR camera or production set.

*Livescale is one of the first Facebook360 official partner


Because your live event is unique... you deserve a unique technology.

To avoid any issues during your live event, Livescale's unique technology creates a dedicated video workflow for your event, in less than 90sec.
Using the best Cloud infrastructure on the market, with Livescale you're sure to have greater flexibility and reliability, anywhere in the world.

In the Enterprise version, you can even bring your own infrastructure (BYOI) to run Livescale on any provider, or combine multiple infrastructure (public / private / hybrid). According to an IDC study, 86% of enterprises predict that they will need a Multi-Cloud strategy within the next two years.