Livestreaming is easier than ever

Maximize your audience

Publish your video stream to all your social media accounts ! Giving you a fully transparent access to all your accounts, as well as analytics.

No more fastidious management or time-consuming preparation !

social networks
broadcast quality

Broadcast quality for the digital audience

LiveScale adapts your video to the maximum supported quality by any social media and viewer’s bandwidth. So your content is always optimal.

By supporting resolution up to 4K, for video input and output, we provide you the best standards of the video industry.

Measure your Audience
with Realtime Analytics

Don’t be in the dark anymore…
With our Realtime Analytics engine, see at a glance how many users are watching your content, on any destination, with user geolocalization while your broadcast is live!

Once your live is over, get an extensive analytics report to share with your all your stakeholders.

realtime analytics
liveScale player

Engage your Web audience

With the LiveScale Player, embed your live video on all your websites and mobile applications, and boost your traffic in minutes ! The LiveScale player is a state of the art HTML5 player. It works on any devices and any browsers, and supports up to 4K and 360 videos

Powerful, Easy to share, Easy to embed !

The future is here… presenting 360° liveVR !

LiveScale is the first livestreaming platform providing plug-and-play end-to-end VR/360° streaming.
Broadcast Live VR with the same ease as regular video to your website and app, as well as your social media accounts such as Facebook and Youtube.

virtual reality 360
low cost

The most cost-effective solution on the market

No monthly fees, no subscriptions, you pay only for what you use. LiveScale leverages the cloud to provide all the features required for your livestreaming.

You can now drastically reduce your operating costs, and boost your content revenues