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Step 1: A LiveScale account

Create a LiveScale account and start testing. Upon registration, every new user receives a 14 days trial for free, with all features included, and no credit card required.
Once you are convinced, you just have to upgrade to Premium users, to access the Production mode and deliver your live experience everywhere !

Step 2: A capture device

To capture your event, you will need a camera. From webcam to professional cameras, every camera is compatible with LiveScale.
If you’re camera do not have IP output (ethernet, WiFi, …) with RTMP/SRT support, you will need an encoder to stream your live feed to LiveScale through your internet network connection.

Step 3: A contribution encoder

Some professional cameras can’t send internet friendly signals. In that case, an RTMP or SRT encoder will take the camera signal and send it to LiveScale.
You can use free software like OBS, or professional appliance like Matrox Maevex 6150, depending of the quality you want to get!

Step 4: A good internet connection

You will need a reliable and, ideally, dedicated internet connection to send your video.
Thanks to LiveScale, the required bandwidth won’t increase if you plan on livestreaming to one or multiple destinations at the same time.

And it works with your favorite gear!

LiveScale works with any video encoder, streaming software and cameras, even for 360° video
Check out our favorite video hardware for your live video event

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