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for 14 days
  • No Credit Card
  • Up to HD quality
  • Up to 2 social accounts
  • Live VR/360°
  • Realtime Analytics
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Per Hour
  • All Trial features
  • Up to FullHD quality
  • Up to 3 Cast Outputs
  • Web/mobile Streaming available
  • No LiveScale Branding
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  • All Advanced features
  • Full access to API
  • Up to 10 Cast Outputs or more
  • Multiple users and contributors
  • Custom CDN & Video Player integration
  • Native apps support (iOS/Android/TV/Oculus)
  • Analytics Pipelines
  • Managed Ressources & SRT support
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Plan features comparison


Trial Starter Advanced Enterprise
Live Channels 1 at a time Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max Live Duration Max 1 hour Max 24 hours Max 24 hours Up 24/7

Video Quality

Trial Starter Advanced Enterprise
Max Input Resolution HD (720p) FullHD (1080p) UHD (4K) UHD (4K)
Output Resolution Up to HD (720p) Up to FullHD (1080p) up to UHD (4K) up to UHD (4K)
Live Multi-transcoding
Livescale Branding

Cast Outputs

Trial Starter Advanced Enterprise
Simultaneous Cast Outputs Up to 2 Up to 3 Up to 6 Up to 10+
Facebook SocialCast
Youtube SocialCast
Twitter SocialCast
Periscope SocialCast
Twitch SocialCast
Broadcast output (RTMP)

Live 360°/VR

Trial Starter Advanced Enterprise
Live 360°/ VR support
VR 3D (Stereoscopic) Support*
Ambisonic Sound Support*
Facebook Live 360°
Youtube Live 360°
Twitter & Periscope Live 360°
360° RTMP Output
LiveScale VR Player (Web/Mobile)
Device Compatibility Web / WebVR
iOS / Android
Web / WebVR
iOS / Android
Web / WebVR
iOS / Android
Web / WebVR
iOS / Android
Custom HMD

Web / Mobile Streaming

Trial Starter Advanced Enterprise
Web / Mobile Streaming Limited to 10 viewers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Web/Mobile Streaming Price Free for 14 days $0.25 per viewer $0.50 per viewer Contact Us
LiveScale Player
Hosted Page
Ad Free
Streaming Files
Device Compatibility Web / iOS / Android Web / iOS / Android Web / iOS / Android Web / iOS / Android
Custom Devices


Trial Starter Advanced Enterprise
Realtime Analytics
Geolocalized Analytics
Analytics Pipeline