How One Popular Accessories Brand Combined Storytelling with Deep Discounting – and Won.


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Founded in 2008, JENNY BIRD is a wildly successful jewelry line, offering memorable and on-trend pieces at an approachable price point for all. Helmed by founder Jenny Bird herself, the statement-making line is popular on social media, and has grown to be a cult fave with celebrities like Sophia Ritchie, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez and Awkwafina.

Eager to continue their strong relationship and maintain status as the brand for “cool girls,” “working women” and all #BirdGirls in between, the JENNY BIRD team turned to Livescale to do what they do best; be the first. “We are always thinking of new ways to reach our customer, and getting Jenny in front of the customer... but the pandemic inspired us to try this new approach to selling,” says Laura Carincini, Director of Digital Marketing and Content. “We wanted to meet the customer where they were - in their homes.”

 Highlighting exclusive collection launches and presales using Livescale’s unique technology, JENNY BIRD leveraged the brand’s strong online presence and knack for digital advertising through the expert use of Live Shopping. With Jenny Bird herself as host, the label knew that teasing once-a-year deals and surprise gift-with-purchase would ensure a full turnout of “Bird Girls,” excited and ready to purchase. 

"With over 500 viewers in attendance and 282 units sold in this first segment, the platform has quickly become a new favourite for releasing special offerings and limited-edition products as well as an excellent opportunity for Jenny to connect with brand fans and customers."

“It’s the ability to reach out customers on a new live medium and instantly provide an opportunity for conversion [that is the most valuable for us],” says Laura.

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