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What happens when a restaurant focused around community, family recipes and intimate, close-knit relationships opens during a pandemic? “We innovate,” says owner and founder Matthew Shefler. “Each day, we work with fresh and local ingredients from our suppliers and make them tell a story for our clients. This year, we had to look at the current circumstances the same way. With most of our country in lockdown, we said, ‘let’s tell a story.’”

Knuckles Cantine et Vins, a Montreal-based hotspot in the Trendy neighbourhood of Jarry Park, has been open for mere months and is already *the* place to grab a bite, having been featured in Tastet, Eater, La Presse and the country’s hottest food blogs as “the restaurant opening of 2020.” The local’s favourite is the panzerotti, with a recipe directly from Matthew’s grandmother – or a made-by-hand creation, using organic, local ingredients, for the price of a modest lunch.

“From the beginning, I wanted this to be a place to gather,” said Matthew, while working to prepare the day’s mis en place with chef Vincent Levesque Lepage. “It’s a unique situation we’re in, because in such a short time, our restaurant has become a destination... but with the pandemic, our challenge was to keep this momentum, and enhance the sense of community that’s built itself around us.”

The solution, of course, was Livescale. After creating a Shopify store to engage and interact with all customers, the Knuckles team created exclusive gift cards and an objective ahead of the holiday season: Helping customers gift better and support local.

“We wanted to show our community we were with them.”

“Ahead of the holidays, there were two objectives: One, with the likelihood of increasing lockdowns for restaurants, we wanted to source innovative, interactive solutions for maintaining monthly sales. And two, perhaps the most important solution: We wanted to show our community we were with them.”

Mailing individual packages of ingredients and natural wine to select customers around their city, the Knuckles team hosted an interactive cooking class with gift cards available for purchase.

“Everyone was delighted,” says Matthew. “We sold more than anticipated and will keep this as a core part of our strategy long after the pandemic is over.”

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