Meet Arshi, Backend Engineer.

#LifeAtLivescale, a peek behind the scenes at the people that make Livescale great.  

Welcome to the first-ever edition of #LifeatLivescale – a moment where we can all take a break from the shiny newness of technology and get down to the connective tissue of our company: its people.

Arshi, our newest Backend engineer, joined our team just over a month ago and is already a huge part of the team and the family that is Livescale. Funnily enough, like a lot of our team members, he’s a musician: he plays guitar and produces music in his free time. Tackling many projects at once, Arshi is helping us change the future of shopping. 

Q: Hi there! Can you introduce yourself and what you do here at Livescale?
AB: Hey! My name is Arshi. I’m part of the engineering team here at Livescale. I play the role of a Backend Engineer. Currently we are going through a major shift of technologies in the backend and my day-to-day includes redesigning and implementing a new version of our API. Soon, I’ll be working on integrating various e-commerce providers to be connected on our Livescale platform, which is great news for the live shopping industry since Livescale will be accessible to so many more small businesses & enterprises! 

Q: How do you describe Livescale to friends and family?
AB: Livescale has been an extremely high energy team so far. From a product point of view, we’re changing the North American and European shopping experience to be more visceral. I’m not a big retail person, but once you watch a Livescale event, it will become your preferred method of buying anything in the future! 

Q: What is the thing you are most proud of working on / completing at Livescale so far?
AB: Owning the GraphQL API and all the things we’ve ported from the legacy API into GraphQL has been a great experience so far. Coming from a non-GraphQL background, learning by doing has been a worthwhile experience for me. We’ve made things much more efficient with TypeScript and modern deployment techniques, and as we grow further, more of this will be needed to operate seamlessly on scale—which I’m looking forward to! 

Q: What is your favourite memory with the Livescale team?
AB: Last week was my first day on the job, and I remember walking into the office, and people were surprised to see how tall I was. It’s the same reaction I had seeing the other team members: I was just as shocked to see how most of the team was so tall and I had the same thought “I didn’t realize YOU were this tall.” (Including our CEO who’s like 7’4—It took me a full day to get used to walking among giants). 

Q: Do you have a particularly good inside joke that seems to “stick” with you and the team?
AB: Not yet since I’m new to the office. Everyone’s quite funny here but we need more time to generate som inside jokes, must happen organically! 

Q: What are you looking forward to most in the next 6 months?
AB: I’m excited to meet all the new team members we’ll be hiring soon. Engineering is going to be busy with an exciting roadmap, a lot of changes, and challenges. We’re going to be working with several major e-commerce platforms and their APIs. 

Q: What is your ultimate vision for Livescale and the team?
AB: It’s clear the product has shown a lot of promise, ultimately, it’s about breaking into the mainstream. We need the e-commerce industry to see Live Shopping as the norm. As for the team, we’re going to be growing exponentially very soon and it’s going to be a huge learning process for everyone. Lots of work ahead of us to realize our future.

Q: Favourite song right now?
AB: It’s been raining for the last week in Montreal which has kept me in the mood for any kind of lo-fi. 

Q: Your ultimate #protip for Live Shopping lovers? (clients and shoppers alike!)
AB: Make sure your credit card isn’t expired because all the good products run out fast!!

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