Meher from Livescale

LifeatLivescale with Meher

A peek behind the scenes at the people that make Livescale great.  

Welcome to the first-ever edition of #LifeatLivescale – a moment where we can all take a break from the shiny newness of technology and get down to the connective tissue of our company: its people. First up, you’ll meet Meher Gara, one of Livescale’s first team members and a key player in how we’ve gotten to where we are today. 

Q: Hi there! Can you introduce yourself and what you do here at Livescale?
MG: Hello, My Name is Meher I’m VP Engineering at Livescale, I manage the Engineering team, I make sure to deliver the product on time according to the product owner’s specifications. 

Q: How do you describe Livescale to friends and family?
MG: Brands, like on social networks, can live video stream to present and demonstrade their products while viewers can interact with the merchant and buy in a frictionless manner. 

Q: What is the thing you are most proud of working on / completing at Livescale so far?
MG: The fact that I was part of the team since day 1? building he product from the ground up with its difficulties. 

Q: Your favourite season in Montreal?
MG: Spring, after a long cold winter! (Although winter, after years now being in Montreal it turns out not that bad!) 

Q: What is your favourite memory with the Livescale team?
MG: The preparation for our FIRST event with Urban decay and the D Day (event was called Ride or Die) looking at all these people joining the live event and start chatting we were like 20 people watching the event in the meeting room so excited! and we made it!  

Q: Do you have a particularly good inside joke that seems to “stick” with you and the team?
MG: The “Bon Matin” (good morning) : Saying Bon matin at livescale at 10 am but as well as 6 pm … it’s the equivalent of ‘Hi.’ 

Q: What are you looking forward to most in the next 6 months?
MG: More brands joining the liveshopping experience what will help democratizing the concept 

Q: What is your ultimate vision for Livescale and the team?
MG: Being the reference number one platform for liveshopping. Team wise I want every single member in the team to like what they are doing and be better every day and most important to be proud of the achievement 

Q: Favourite song right now?
MG: Polo & Pan – Bakara 

Q: What’s your favourite food?
MG: My Wife’s Lasagna 

Q: Your dream Livescale client?
MG: Apple 

Q: Your ultimate #protip for Live Shopping lovers? (clients and shoppers alike!)
MG: Be yourself, no stress, enjoy the show, focus on your customers: