Meet Tyler, Inside Sales Manager.

Hi there! Can you introduce yourself and what you do here at Livescale?   

Hi everyone, my name is Tyler Holbrook and I am the inside sales manager at Livescale. What do I do? I have really engaged and informative conversation with brands looking for a new way to connect with their consumers.  

How do you describe Livescale to friends and family?  

We have taken what most people know as traditional tv shopping and put it on steroids for the digital generation. We really help brands to be able to have IRL shopping experiences from anywhere.  

What is the thing you’re most proud of working on / completing at Livescale so far? 

Everyday helping to make an impact on the brands we partner with – it’s really rewarding to see the results our brands are able to achieve via our platform and live commerce.  

What is your favourite memory with the Livescale team?  

Being a remote employee is great but it’s always nice to spend time with the team! During our last team building activity our team was the only team to escape. 

What are you looking forward to most in the next 6 months?  

Seeing the team and company continue to grow and expand.

What is your ultimate vision for Livescale and the team?  

To continue to be the market leader when it comes to liveshopping and have a lot of fun building an amazing company. 

Your ultimate #protip for Live Shopping lovers? 

To just try it and know that nothing ever goes 100% to plan and that’s OK. 

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