Yukiko from Livescale

LifeatLivescale with Yukiko

A peek behind the scenes at the people that make Livescale great.  

Welcome to the first-ever edition of #LifeatLivescale – a moment where we can all take a break from the shiny newness of technology and get down to the connective tissue of our company: its people. Meet Yukiko Hagino, one of Livescale’s team members and a key player in how we’ve gotten to where we are today.

Q: Hi there! Can you introduce yourself and what you do here at Livescale?
YH: My name is Yukiko and I’m a front-end developer. I work with whatever user sees and interacts with in the apps. 

Q: How do you describe Livescale to friends and family?
YH: It’s an app for brands to be able to stream live and sell their products at the same time. It’s also a way to directly communicate with brand’s customer base / community. 

Q: What is the thing you are most proud of working on / completing at Livescale so far?
YH: Working on Diva (our enhanced product) for the first event with L’Oréal. We had a lot of pressure at that time as it was our first large event, and it was a huge relief when the live was over and it was a success. 

Q: What is your favourite memory with the Livescale team?
YH: There are quite a lot of them, but I especially liked the time when we were at Notman house. There were a lot of startups, and it was always very inspiring to learn more about them every day. Start-up fest was also fun, and it was great to see the very own Livescale band in action! (Editor’s Note: Just about every one of the Livescale team can play an instrument or two! Geoffroy and Azelie were playing music at Livescale booth; and no matter where we are, you can bet you’ll hear music). 

Q: What are you looking forward to most in the next 6 months?
YH: We are expanding and hiring, so I’m excited to meet the new members of our team and learn from them. 

Q: What is your ultimate vision for Livescale and the team?
YH: I don’t really have a concrete vision, as I feel like Livescale is very flexible start-up. The world is changing rapidly and so the needs of the consumers, I’m just excited to see what that brings to Livescale in the future. #Teamwork 

Q: Your ultimate #protip for Live Shopping lovers? (clients and shoppers alike!)
YH: I believe that live shopping can be a way to have more meaningful connection between creators and consumers. People don’t just buy necessities, people buy stories. And live shopping can be a great way to create or share that story that consumer is looking for.