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Envision a day where you can sit down, chat with key customers from all over the globe, and work on the product of the future from the comfort of your office headquarters. With Livescale, benefit from a seamless engagement experience, full data ownership and built-in tools that are designed for increased brand awareness, capture essential data and track the occasional sale – all at the touch of a button.

For brands built around community, Livestreaming is a core pillar in the customer journey and acquisition strategy. On social media, however, brand managers and social marketing specialists are left to endlessly scroll the internet, screen grabbing one-off content and extrapolating complex learnings from limited datasets. When it comes to understanding and interacting with customers, brands deserve better: an integrated, shareable solution that combines social media and live video, with the added versatility of being able to share it wherever your audiences are.

How it Works

Define your objectives. Before creating your Live Shopping event, your brand is able to brainstorm and build a strategy around specific market objectives. Create your event with a custom event URL, and decide which audience you’d like to share it with: through social media, targeted SMS, or an exclusive newsletter, anything is possible. Ahead of your launch date, plug in your ideal market questions into Livescale’s Poll Feature, curate exclusive products to sell during the live, and prepare your brand host for an engaging, authentic experience.

Own Your Data, Drive your Story

Post-event, brands can download all analytics, viewer chats and poll answers, while also keeping a copy of the event recording for later use. Use this to inform upcoming product launches and market research: with Livescale, the possibilities are endless.

Brand Tip

Getting ready to launch your first Market Research event with Livescale? Don’t be afraid to segment your audience into multiple events – data has shown that this creates a stronger sense of customer loyalty, and will help drive more authentic answers from your listeners.

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