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In 3 steps.

You are on Shopify? Here is how to start earning more with Livescale LIVE Shopping video streaming solution.

Fully compatible with Shopify e-commerce system. Bring the highest conversion rate sales channel to your online store now, sync your product directly to our platform, take advantage of the seamless order and payment technologies and hit more sales.

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Step 1

Set up Livescale Channel on shopify store

    • Click on your personnalized sales channel link
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    • Add the Livescale sales channel
    • You should see the message

      "You can safely close this window :)". 

      Please close the window and go on your Shopify store.

Import products for your LIVE event

    • Create a new collection in the Collection section. For our example we call it "Live" collection
    • Add the products you want to see during the live event
    • Please make sure the Livescale Sales Channel is available in order to sync it with our platform. If not, please check the Livescale option
      See below:
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Step 2

Product Verification 
    • Please check if the Livescale Sales Channel is also available on the product level. 
    • Go to each product page.
    • Check products availability.
    • If it’s not available on the Livescale Sales channel, please check the Livescale box. 

Step 3

Discount code for more sales

    • Create a coupon code and apply it to the collection created for the Live Event. 
    • Make sure the discount code will be applied to the right time, time of the Live Event. 
    • Please provide us with the coupon code name and description 
      • Example : 
      • Code: noel20
      • Will give 20% off on the Live collection, no minimum amount
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