Convert live engagement to Instant Sales

Transform all the LIVE engagements to instant sales like all these brands

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What we do?

A Live shopping solution fully compatible with e-commerce: Shopify, Woo commerce, Magento or commerce cloud etc. . Step up your game with minimal effort by using our production and streaming solutions.

Scale up your sales

Purchasable Product embedded

Customisable product details imported directly from e-commerce platform, display along with the live shopping streaming, allows audiences to engage not just comments but to buy right the way.

Sell More

Seamless checkout

Watch it, buy it.
Build-in checkout: all orders and payments run as usual in your e-commerce system. You can rest assured and focus on the live shopping show.

Go Live

Qualified lead generation

During your live shopping event, you can collect qualified purchase intention leads by email, phone number or any other desired form effortlessly.

Start Collecting

Go beyond data

Because data alone will never give us a solution. We enrich your data by telling you the whole user journey, unique actions and behavior attributions that open up a precise retargeting opportunity with better segmentations. 

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