Sell products in 2 clicks

  • LIVE Shopping streaming solution
  • Integrated with any e-commerce platforms
  • Seamless order and payment process
  • Full experience control
  • Ownership of the data generated
Why us?

Our solution converts LIVE engagement into instant sales. LIVE Shopping experience in sync seamlessly with e-commerce platforms.

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Sales in 2 clicks

LIVE shopping

Product details imported directly from e-commerce platform, display along with the LIVE streaming video.

Seamless checkout

Build-in order and payment system go right to your e-commerce platform. Same work, more sales.

short conversion funnel

LIVE shopping allowed on video purchase, shorten customers' hesitation time and increase spontaneous purchase.

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Enriched first-party data

Data Ownership

Real-time analytics and ownership of the data generated.

Precise Remarketing

Collect qualified leads for remarketing, leads generation comes in all from you desired.

Enriched user journey

Unique actions and behavior attributions that open up a precise retargeting opportunity with better segmentations. 

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