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Live Streaming Shopping is all about inspiring & so much more:

πŸŽ₯  Tell the story of your brand through Live Video
πŸ“£  Present your products in the most dynamic way possible
πŸ›  Let your audience buy via live e-commerce features
🎲  Engage with them via gamification features
πŸ“Š  Generate real time data & analytics to understand their behaviour

With Livescale, your Live Streaming Shopping experience is on your web site, but can also be embedded on multiple social accounts and web sites. Sign up below ⬇️  to tell you more!


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Your Live Streaming Shopping Journey will be made so easy! Chanida and the whole Livescale team will be here to guide you, support you and share all the best practices and tips you need to be successful! 😊

Enjoy a full control of your Live Streaming Shopping experience

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Our Live Streaming Shopping Platform allows you to have the full control over you Live Experience: your experience can be embedded on your web site, on social accounts, on partner's web sites, there's no limitation! And from validating and testing the video streaming, to moderating the chat, triggering polls, accessing exclusive live shopping detailed analytics, Livescale gives you the brand safety control you expect

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From Beauty to Food & Beverages, from Apparel to Electronics, Live Streaming Shopping is all about inspiration: share the story that makes your brand so unique, show how your products are being made, and with the live commerce capabilities included in our solution, your audience can buy products in no time. The gamification features also allow you to create an engaging experience, keeping your audience active in your Live experience, and collecting valuable feedback and data to optimize along the way.

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