Livescale Features and Pricing

Starting at only 99$ per Month, discover our different plans and our main features!

Starter Plan

To easily get started with your first Live Shopping events

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+ variable fees per event

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Key Features

✓ Embeddable on your Website and on Social Media

✓ Unlimited Number of Events per month

✓ Chat, Polls, Product Highlight and more!

✓ Products to Sell on Video

✓ Real-time analytics

✓ Event report analytics

✓ Event Recording

✓ Customer Support (email)

✓ 2 Team Members

Pro Plan

Get the extra knowledge, 1:1 coaching, and access to our network of experts!

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+ variable fees per event

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ALL Starter Features +

✓ Possibility to do concurrent events

✓ Advanced analytics

✓ A 1:1 Customer Success Manager Session

✓ Success Playbooks

✓ 5 Team Members

Enterprise Plan

For brands with big Live Shopping ambitions!

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