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How Kiehl’s elevated its "since 1851" heritage to modern heights with Live Shopping best practices

Think legacy brands are not made for Live Shopping? The data behind Kiehl’s Live Shopping events with Livescale is here to prove otherwise.


Kiehls case study


For the quintessential skincare brand with pharmacy roots, service is core to Kiehl’s business model. From tailored product recommendations to serving their on-the-go customer base, personalization and convenience – delivered in an educational, elevated fashion – is a hallmark of the global skincare leader for a simple reason; it works. With customer-centricity and personalization trending in the skincare industry, Kiehl’s sought to offer new community-building experiences with education at the core while maintaining strong branding, experience and intuitive purchase flow.  
With consumers craving skincare as self-care from home in 2020, Kiehl’s tapped Livescale to accelerate their digital-first tactics, creating an in-store experience and purchase path for customers, employees and partners. At a moment when safety and community were more important than ever, the decision for Kiehl’s to enhance online business with social commerce was as neat as applying their cult-favourite night recovery oil. 

Kiehls case study

Working with Livescale presented the perfect opportunity to maintain and enrich the high level of service customers are used to experiencing in-store. Launching Live Shopping events with influencer-led and brand-owned experiences, Kiehl’s soon saw the benefit of bringing the internal experts to the forefront of Live Shopping; until the products can speak for themselves, why not employ the next best thing? 


“Not only can you have a live Kiehl's Skincare Expert explaining and demonstrating the featured products in-depth, but the platform also has an interactive chat feature so customers can make instant yet informed purchases,” says a spokesperson for the brand.


As Kiehl’s has historically preferred worth of mouth traction and authentic collaborations for product promotions, Livescale technology created a community-like hub for Kiehl’s lovers, all backed by the power of brand-owned analytics and integrated e-commerce checkout for easy systems management. 

“Social media influencers and Kiehl’s professionals enjoyed their experience with Livescale, both the technology and the team.”


“The onboarding process with Livescale was seamless, as they took great care in ensuring everything was thoroughly explained. I appreciated the attention my team received before their first session, from training calls to comprehensive reading material.” says a Kiehl's Rep.


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"I have now used Livescale 3 times to host live shopping events and each time has been such a seamless experience. It's honestly the best way to create an interactive experience with your audience/followers/customers. Not only do you get to connect on a whole new level (talking directly to the shoppers, answering questions live, etc.), you also get SO much value out of it. From direct customer feedback to extra revenue (we make more during live shopping events which offer discounts than we do on regular pre-sales!) it's really a no-brainer. Don't be intimidated by the live aspect! It really humanizes the shopping experience which is so rare to come by these days. I truly can't wait to host another Livescale event."

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"My restaurant business used Livescale recently to share our cooking methods, have our chef answer client questions, and do live demos all while selling gift cards ahead of the holiday season. The technology was seamless and super easy to use, and we loved working with our client success manager. There's no commission Livescale takes, and we just paid $490 - in my opinion, well worth the price. Thanks, Livescale!"

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Cheekbone Beauty

"Incredible app for Live Events!

The Livescale team is great to work with!

Online selling is made easy with this app!"