Creating community through Live Shopping, how Lola Getts creates a safe space

Lola Getts is a trailblazer in the activewear space and is now in Live Shopping! It’s one of the first plus-size brands to embrace Live Shopping as a pillar of their e-commerce strategy. With Live Shopping, Lola Getts can do what has rarely been done before: give plus-sized women a safe, comfortable space to shop for activewear. Founder Stacey Goldstein says their live events produce a non-judgemental environment that even an in-store experience can’t replicate.


“Stores don’t really cater to them [our customers]. They've been ignored, especially in the fitness and the athleisure space,” Goldstein says. Lola Getts could create a community for their customers through Live Shopping events. “Our consumers want a safe space where people aren’t going to ridicule them, and where we’re going to answer all of their questions,” Goldstein explained. The company quickly learned after just two events that having a host that looks like the consumer, a plus-sized woman who is wearing and loving her activewear, is what the community needed. “You can’t get that walking into a normal sporting goods store. The home setting is very comfortable for our customers.”

They’ve also found that exclusive offers like bundles, contests and special prices only during their event have helped them reach record conversion rates. At their first event, they focused on one fabric in different styles and had an organic conversation between one of their brand ambassadors and the founder, Stacey. They didn’t know what to expect, but they had a conversion of 18%! In addition, they had 7500 comments in the chat feature, customers viewing the show for over 20 minutes and an average order value of $135 (a good amount at their price point!).


Of course, Lola Getts decided to do a second event and got even better results. At their second event, there was an increase in attendance by 141%, an increase in revenue of 180%, overall a 20.5% conversion rate and an increase in watch time as viewers stayed for 25 minutes.

When asked if other brands should consider Live Shopping an extension of their e-commerce strategy, Goldstein replied, “I think that the e-commerce strategy should be BUILT AROUND Live Shopping.”

For Lola Getts, they see a future with 5-8 Live Shopping events a month to continue building their community and to give their customer the space they deserve: a comfortable environment where they can buy activewear they love, with the community that supports them.


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"Fast to set up, easy to use, great support. Some tweaks are still needed to optimize the shopping experience and the moderator experience - but overall I highly recommend it and it's the best in the marketplace so far!"

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"Our team has used Livescale twice now, and it's such a great way to interact with our customer base on a more personal level. Can't wait for our future events! Plus, the customer support team is wonderful."

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Consonant Skin+Care

"We have used LiveScale to run shopping events from our website a number of times. Each time we do a little better than the time before; but this last time, we did a lot better than the time before. We have learned there is both art and science to selling live on your own website, but when you crack the code, it can be great business! The science part is about having the right offers at the right time for the customers who are shopping; and the art part is about presenting the offers in a way that builds community with your customers, builds affinity for your brand, and most importantly, sells your products. The LiveScale team helped us with both the art and the science. As with all new technology, there were a few growing pains early on, but the support team was very responsive and even made sure they were on hand to support us in real time during our LiveScale broadcasts! If you're new to this kind of selling, I strongly recommend trying it as a complement to the selling you are doing in other channels. We love it, and so do our customers!"