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From Warehouse to Everywhere: How to sell through more inventory in less time with Live Shopping

As the first Warehouse Sale Company to kick off a Live Shopping sales channel, StyleDemocracy is slowly building an empire, meeting customers wherever they are at any moment.

With a mission to nurture deep, lasting partnerships with brands, StyleDemocracy has built an impressive strategy to drive sales and continue to offer innovative experiences and convenience for community members. With a decades-long history of warehouse sales and shopping content on web and social platforms, StyleDemocracy has built a true shopping ecosystem in both online and offline portals.

“Selling online has become more relevant to use throughout the pandemic,” says a brand spokesperson. “Before the pandemic, we would only host in-person warehouse sales, and now with restrictions, selling online allows us to continue to operate even when retail gets shut down.”




For their first Live Shopping initiative, the brand partnered with Canadian shopping giant The Hudson’s Bay for a first online warehouse sale, featuring exclusive deals on brands like Tibi, Lacoste, Max Mara and more. An additional discount for attendees sweetened the pot further with free shipping and exclusive giveaways creating a bold high-drive experience. 

“The industry of retail that we are currently in has matured seriously to have a huge online focus. Many brands are looking for e-commerce platforms to continue operating. We plan the projects using alternate platforms like Livescale and affiliate programs to boost brand awareness to generate more sales. Also, when we have in-person sales again, and some of our customers do not live close to the warehouse, Livescale will allow them to access sale pieces. It only allows us to build a stronger connection with our customer base, and they get used to seeing a familiar face on the screen showcasing our items!” 


Getting started with the events, StyleDemocracy felt at home with the Livescale customer success team and resources. Though the platform is self-service at the base, we truly believe that each client has the potential to be a true success story - and for this to occur, it is our pleasure to empower brands with best practices, support materials and strategic onboarding sessions – from there, it is off to the races!


“Our onboarding experience was awesome! Any questions we had about the platform were answered perfectly. We are flattered by the level of client support and education. The most valuable Livescale feature is that it integrates right with our Shopify account. There is no extra work to fully recreate and reupload items to Livescale, which facilitates the process.”


The final word from our StyleDemocracy partners? “You are going to love it. It is such a cool and relevant platform, have fun with it!”(c) 


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The Nested Fig

"We've had great success with Livescale.

The customer service is top-notch.

Easy setup, and easy to use."


Studio10 Makeup

"LiveScale is by far the best Live Shopping experience from both a brand and consumer perspective. Setting up the event/syncing products couldn't be easier and embedding the video on your website makes it a breeze for customers to join! The team are all super helpful and are eager and willing to provide assistance wherever they can to ensure your event runs smoothly. I have even asked about potential features and upcoming concepts and have been given useful information to plan the future of our live-selling shows. LiveScale continues to improve their service based on customer feedback and seeing this in action really proves to me that they deserve the 5-star rating!"

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"We LOVE Livescale! We hosted our first event last week and we ended up doubling our sales target. The set-up was super easy, and they have an amazing team who is there for you every step of the way to resolve any technical questions you may have. Livescale is a fantastic way to educate and sell to your customers near and far!"