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Bring the in-store experience to customers everywhere, with Livescale’s Live Shopping solution.

Why Livescale?

Livescale’s white-label Live Shopping solution provides retail brands with an opportunity to engage, recruit and sell to customers, regardless of physical location. Integrate a branded experience to your store, with full brand control, seamless user checkout and e-Commerce analytics.
Live Shopping Show with Sport Coach on Livescale

Data doesn't lie:
Sell Live, Stand Out.

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Learn How
Live Shopping Show with Fashion Stylist on Livescale

Expand Retail from IRL to URL

Live Shopping

Shoppable product display allows seamless order and payment process, all in sync with your e-Commerce platform.


Digitalize your brand with LIVE shopping events. Bring the in-store experience online.

Build Authentic Relationships

Engage with customers in real-time LIVE events, and secure loyal relationships through regular interactions.

Unlock Customer Data

Product Sentiment

Detailed analytics are available in real-time and post event, to provide better brand and product sentiment for your Live Shopping roadmap.

Lead Generation

Collect qualified high purchase intent leads, for precise retargeting and remarketing opportunities.

Market Testing

Speed up market reactions test, with the cost-efficient LIVE events, to decide the next popup location or any business decision.

Full Control and Transparency

A full experience control, including a moderation panel and the data ownership, and a solution that is customized to your brand identity.
Control Room of Livescale Live Shopping Event on Laptop

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