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How Three Ships learned: Live Shopping is essential to your pre-launch strategy


What do you get when a business expert and a chemical engineer come together? Three Ships Beauty. Here's how they've learned to use Live Shopping.

Connie Lo and Laura Burget started Three Ships Beauty in 2017 with one a simple mission: to make the most transparent beauty brand in the world. With their purpose-driven, plant-based skincare, this Canadian company has made their way to the Forbes 30 under 30 list for 2022!

Initially, the marketing team became interested in Live Shopping because they wanted to bring their in-person event experience online. As many of their customers are in the United States, they wanted to find a way to ensure that these customers were involved in special events, even if they couldn’t be there in person. Enter: Livescale.

For their very first Live Show, Three Ships decided to do an early access event for the release of a new product, Dream Night Cream (even before they launched it on their website!). This strategy helped to show gratitude to their loyal ambassadors, create exclusivity, build hype and ensure that their loyal community knew just how special they are.

“Our community is so important to us, we truly see them as an extension of our brand.”

“We have a very engaged community of over 400 ambassadors,” said Gabrielle Saumure, the Brand Partnerships Associate at Three Ships. “Our community is so important to us, we truly see them as an extension of our brand.”

Through the help of influencers and their highly engaged community, Three Ships’ first Live Shopping show far exceeded expectations. Their goal was to have 200 attendees, 100 units sold with $4,000 in sales. With Livescale, they had: 1, 275 attendees, 356 units sold and $21, 776 in sales.

“We put so much effort into our Live Shopping shows. The first one for example, we decorated on theme with our founders in their PJs and a beautiful “night-inspired” backdrop. These kinds of details make a huge difference,” Saumure said. “We have a whole flow we go through for each product launch, which includes a live show, a special email for our ambassadors, sneak peeks, a 20% discount code and an affiliate code.”

Approaching Live Shopping events with this level of detail and planning has proven to be very successful for Three Ships. “We’re going to include Live Shopping events with each of our new releases. It’s always a part of our campaigns now, pre-launch. Livescale has made it really easy and customizable for us,” Saumure said.

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