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Luxury Womenswear Brand Creates Value with Live Shopping “Cocktail Parties”


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An influential womenswear label owned by Nigerian fashion designer Andrea Iyamah, this eponymous clothing brand is strongly inspired by colour, ethnic cultures, nature and design. As storytelling and global reach are both ongoing areas of focus, the Andrea Iyamah team was seeking ways to bring community, culture and commerce to the forefront, all without compromise.

“As a brand, we’ve had a tradition to engage our customers during the summer by having shopping parties in different cities where most of our customers are,” shares a spokesperson for the brand. “In 2020 however, the pandemic halted all those plans and we had to think of innovative ways to give our customers an in-store experience virtually.” With an increased need for customers to feel properly addressed on all digital platforms, the Andrea Iyamah team needed a way to communicate their goals, product details and manufacturing processes in a way that felt seamless and true-to-brand.

“Livescale opened up a necessary avenue for engaging existing and new customers and really building a community of shoppers with similar interests”

Brought to life in just two clicks, Livescale’s fully integrated checkout, brand-owned user experience and engagement tools proved a natural choice for the label. To remain consistent with the their highly-edited storytelling strategy, Andrea Iyamah’s choice to produce Live Shopping events with full-scale production, models and enthusiastic brand hosts was easily accomodated by Livescale’s technology. “Our team loved how personal the Livescale team was and how dedicated they are to ensuring all things ran smoothly,” says a representative from the brand. “We really feel like we have their full support each time.”

Using Livescale’s interactive Live Shopping solution has not only helped Andrea Iyamah stand out in the market, but has also translated into strong sales. During their Live Shopping events, the label saw a 100% increase in their AOV and twice their traditional conversion rate.

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