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Meet Susanna, Operations Manager.

Susanna, our Operations Manager and a joy to have in our team, wears many hats. She is originally from Hong Kong and has a fascinating background—Susanna, before joining Livescale and the live shopping industry, has worked with major companies in fashion and other fields and has studied marketing, business administration and earned an MBA.

Q: Hi there! Can you introduce yourself and what you do here at Livescale?
SK: I’m the Operations Manager here: one of my main objectives is to make sure everyone gets paid! I take care of HR and I oversee accounting. I also help to negotiate some big contracts, so I also touch a bit of Sales—it has been great so far! 

Q: How do you describe Livescale to friends and family?
SK: I would say it’s like the “more than” version of a Shopping Channel: it’s more fun, more interactive, you get special deals and limited editions, so there is great incentive and better engagement! 

Q: What is the thing you are most proud of working on / completing at Livescale so far?
SK: Recently we entered a big global contract with a major customer which is very exciting, but we can’t say much more about that.

Q: What is your favourite season in Montreal?
SK: I would say my favorite season in Montreal is fall, because of all the leaves and the beautiful colors, and it’s not too cold but not too hot eithe

Q: What is your favourite memory with the Livescale team?
SK: So, every Thursday we have a very good team meeting and one time there was Max, Mak, and Francis who were using the glasses 😎 filter on Zoom—it’s a fun team to work with. 

Q: What are you looking forward to most in the next 6 months?
SK: I’m really excited for the Friday team gathering we have; it’ll be one of the first times the whole team meets in person because of the pandemic! It’ll be fun to finally meet everyone in person, and there’s a couple of surprises coming that day too. 

Q: What is your ultimate vision for Livescale and the team?
SK: I would love to see live shopping to become something more common in all different age groups, in North America and all around the world! 

Q: Favourite song right now?
SK: Lately I’ve been listening a lot to Lady Gaga’s Shallow—I hope the guitar players of the team will play it next Friday!

Q: Your ultimate #protip for Live Shopping lovers? (clients and shoppers alike!)
SK: I would say, keep trying: the more you try the better you’ll be at it. Also, it’s really important to engage with the audience, address everyone in your live, make sure everyone feels like they’re part of the event. 

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