QVC legend Beekman 1802 proves owned Live Shopping truly beats the odds

Beekman 1802 has reigned supreme on QVC and HSN, broadcasting their farm-to-face beauty products live and selling millions of products to loyal fans since 2018. On Thursday, June 15, the Beekman 1802 team took this expertise by storm and hosted their first Live Shopping event powered by Livescale.



In the first hour, the brand raised the bar and reached the most sales recorded in North American Live Shopping events. The sales during the first 60-minute episode of the ‘Blooming Skin Show’ were four times higher than the average daily e-commerce sales gained for the brand.

In addition to the record-breaking sales mentioned, the Engagement Rate peaked at 49% - while the industry standard is at an average of 35%. Further, the Sales Conversion Rate reached 34.5%, approximately three times Livescale’s average. These were all accomplished organically without any paid ads or influencer marketing.


Following the success of their first owned Live Shopping event, Beekman 1802 continues to host a bi-weekly “Blooming Skin Show” every second Thursday at 7 pm EST. Time and time again, these events have generated an uphill of 1.5k viewers and a consistently high conversion rate. A few weeks in, the brand even leveraged Livescale on their sister site for CBD products and hosts education-centric events with special industry guests.

A spokesperson from the brand said: “What we value the most with this fully owned solution is the flexibility and liberty we now have on content, duration and offering […], and the data generated through the platform allows us to tailor our content from one event to another.”

What is the secret sauce? Having an exciting and exclusive product offering at every event and championing an experienced TV Shopping host!


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"Fast to set up, easy to use, great support. Some tweaks are still needed to optimize the shopping experience and the moderator experience - but overall I highly recommend it and it's the best in the marketplace so far!"

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"Our team has used Livescale twice now, and it's such a great way to interact with our customer base on a more personal level. Can't wait for our future events! Plus, the customer support team is wonderful."

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Consonant Skin+Care

"We have used LiveScale to run shopping events from our website a number of times. Each time we do a little better than the time before; but this last time, we did a lot better than the time before. We have learned there is both art and science to selling live on your own website, but when you crack the code, it can be great business! The science part is about having the right offers at the right time for the customers who are shopping; and the art part is about presenting the offers in a way that builds community with your customers, builds affinity for your brand, and most importantly, sells your products. The LiveScale team helped us with both the art and the science. As with all new technology, there were a few growing pains early on, but the support team was very responsive and even made sure they were on hand to support us in real time during our LiveScale broadcasts! If you're new to this kind of selling, I strongly recommend trying it as a complement to the selling you are doing in other channels. We love it, and so do our customers!"