Elizabeth Grant uses Livescale to continue their live-selling journey

Get ready for the most intriguing beauty brand conception story you will ever hear: Elizabeth Grant Skin Care. It is the only skincare brand privately owned and operated by three generations of women. The brand also employs 80% of women and continues to make its products in-house at its own facility.


Margot Grant Witz’s grandmother, Elizabeth Grant, started the brand in 1948 in London, England. As a makeup artist, she was to make the models, actors and celebrities look and feel beautiful. During the war, she suffered from bomb blast injuries on her face and found it challenging to continue her work. How could she make others feel beautiful when she could not feel that way anymore?

She stumbled upon a medical journal at her doctor's office and found an ingredient that people on the frontlines of the war used for burns. This helped to reduce the damage and pain during transit. Although her doctor said it was not for her, she asked a friend who was a chemist to make it for her anyway. She kept using this serum for about 8-10 months, and the damage on her face was completely diminished.

As others noticed her skin, they asked for the same product to be used on them. Eventually, they asked where they could buy this product and thus, Elizabeth Grant Skin Care was born. The Essence of Torricelumn™ was the first-ever serum for at-home use created, and it is still sold today.




In 1992, Elizabeth moved to Canada to be with the family and brought the brand with her. Soon, they learned of The Shopping Channel. In 1999, Elizabeth Grant Skin Care launched its serums and became a top-selling skincare brand.

Since they were already so well-versed in the TV shopping landscape, the move to digital Live Shopping was only natural. They wanted to take what they had done already and captivate the same magic and growth in an audience on Livescale.


”We did not want to ignore something that powerful when it was launching in the Western Hemisphere, and we wanted to be an early adopter,” Grant Witz said. In thinking about adapting the brand, Grant Witz says they felt like Live Shopping was a natural way to grow.


Since Live Shopping is new for many, it is a way to speak to someone new to the brand. For Elizabeth Grant Skin Care, Livescale helps to reach new people. Through Live Shopping, they get new customers in a tangible fun way that is brand-centric and brand-specific.

Amy Allicock, Creative Marketing Supervisor at Elizabeth Grant Skin Care says, “Live Shopping is a great blend as it allows brands to be authentically you and bring more of a community atmosphere, and it is not about a hard sell all the time."

They look forward to growing the way they want to evolve for another 72 years, making women and men feel beautiful and confident at every age. When advising other brands Grant-Witz says, Live Shopping is marvellous, digitally and as an omnichannel service, and it is a must-have for business.“ She says brands should not dismiss it as cheap or of lesser value in terms of quality.


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Once Upon a Farm

"Livescale is a great Live Shopping app and we have been very happy with our experience. The app is easy to set up and their team is very helpful with setup questions/best practices/ general advice. The seamless integration with Shopify and audience engagement capabilities like polling was the reason we decided to work with them and we're happy we did!"

three ships

Three Ships

"Amazing Live Shopping app + customer service team. In our first 1-hour event we garnered over 350 orders from high LTV customers. Using Livescale is now a pillar of our marketing strategy - we promote an event for every product launch and large promo."

gopure logo

goPure Beauty

"We started using this app to help improve our live streaming. It has been a great way to engage our audience and provide a better Live Shopping experience. We love being able to interact with our audience through the polls feature. It's also great that you can view the poll responses and save that data for later. The app has great post-live event analytics. Our Livescale point of contact, Chanida, has been amazing to work with and has been very helpful in answering any questions we have. We have experienced some technical difficulties in the control room, but besides that, it has been a great application!"