Increase Sales with LIVE Shopping

The average sales conversion rate of our Shopify app is 12%

Live streaming shopping solution for e-commerce

Grow sales and engage with your audience using the first fully branded, mobile first video streaming e-commerce Shopify sales channel.

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* A 5% service fee will only apply to orders made through Livescale.

Sell from wherever your are
to wherever your customers are.

Sell with live shopping from anywhere, outdoor, indoor, home included.

Anyone can sell, from anywhere.

Your influencers, your team, yourself. Engage with your customers and start increasing your sales from your home, store, or anywhere with LIVE Streaming e-commerce.

Live shopping checkout flow, stays on page, no exit

Same Shopify store, more sales.

Convert viewers into instant customers. A 12% conversation rate made possible thanks to the LIVE sales experience connected to your Shopify store. Keep them busy watching and shopping, all at their fingertips.

Live shopping viewers engage and send chats to interact with the host

Engagement that actually converts.

On average, Interactive content brings a 35% engagement rate. Chat moderation and gamification features foster loyal customers relationships and trigger impulsive purchases, and even better? The more your stream, the more they shop.

Customizable LIVE Shopping experience with brand logo, brand colour and brand message

A better way to brand.

Create a LIVE Shopping show with your brand identity as part of your Shopify store experience. Hassle-free e-commerce integration: syncs products, categories, orders and payments seamlessly with your Shopify store’s.

Live shopping moderation panel and dashboard for show monitoring

You're in control.

Keep the experience brand safe. Control, moderate, and interact in real-time. Data ownership allows you to collect important insights, maximizing your sales potential with real-time analytics.

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